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All images are copyright protected and are the exclusive property of their respective individual photographers. Every image is protected under U.S. and International copyright laws. No images are in the public domain. No image may be reproduced, altered or used for any purpose, without the written consent of the photographer.

Y’all come and visit us!

Come and join the friendly folks of the Plano Photography Club. Spend an evening with people who share your passion for photography. You may become a member or just visit to see what the club is all about.

Club Meeting, Aug. 4

Change of Date for July Meeting
August 4 at 7 p.m.
at Grace Presbyterian Church

The Photo Club will not be able to meet in Grace Presbyterian Church on July 28. We will delay the meeting to Monday, Aug. 4.

The meeting will be in Wheelus Hall and will start at 7 p.m. as usual.

Hal Wallar to speak on Imagination – Photoshop and Compositing

Hal Wallar, MD, is a published and award winning photographer who has had a lifelong interest in photography and art, and obtained his first camera as a kid (an Argus A4) and utilized a “sort of”  darkroom that was built in the top of the family  garage over the hoods of the family cars. 

During his college years he was editor/photographer of the college yearbook taking and wet lab printing a number of the photographs for the volume including the setting up and taking of the signature picture of the publication.

Hal was trained as an eye surgeon, and spent his career years in this vocation as well as training other ophthalmologists as a faculty member of the Department. of Ophthalmology of Loma Linda University in California.  Photography is an easy hobby for many ophthalmologists to identify with as they are trained in optics and deal every day with the ultimate “camera”, the human eye.

Following his career as an eye surgeon he found additional time to pursue his passion in photography and image creation the potential of which has only been vastly broadened in scope and artistic possibilities by the advent of the digital age.  He enjoys sharing these new possibilities with other photographers and helping them achieve the image potential that this field now offers.

His photographic pursuits have ranged from fine art to technical photography and he has served as an author, presenter, and judge in regards to photographic topics.

His photographic philosophy:  Photojournalism is a recording of the absolute facts. Fine art photography employs the skill of the photographer to maximize the beauty and art in photography. And now with the digital age “digital art” provides the photographer with the opportunity to allow imagination and creativity to sore to new heights.  Photography has truly become art.

Program Overview:

In the past photography was not considered art.  It was invented in the 1820’s, but it was not until after World War I that it was considered an art form.  The pictorialist movement, pioneered by Steichen and Stieglitz, began to do more than just document events etc.  Photography began to involve all the elements of art – technique, emotion, subject, composition, mood, etc.  Along with digital photography came the possibility of “digital art” greatly expanding the photographer’s ability to produce virtually any kind of image imaginable.  The purpose of the talk on “Imagination – Photoshop and Compositing” is not to diminish any of the beautiful photographic art forms that have been available to the photographer in the past, but to encourage photographers to expand their horizons and to take advantage of the possibilities that are now available to photographer to make the most out of their images and to go beyond to create images of the mind.  Your imagination is the only limit now. 

The two sets of Before/After images illustrate the essence of the presentation in making dull photos into more imaginative photos.

©Hal Wallar Photography
©Hal Wallar Photography


Hadibo Fish Market
©Hal Wallar Photography
On the Beach
© Hal Wallar Photography


July Contest

The July contest is open for submissions. The theme for the July Contest is "Up in the Air". For help in understanding the contest theme, please download this PDF document: Description of Competition Subjects. Entries must be uploaded to the PPC Competition Site before midnight June 30. Each club member may submit one image.

The maximum width for images submitted to the contest is 1400 pixels. The limit on the height of the image is 1050 pixels.


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GSCCC Winners

March was a month with two Gulf States’ digital contests, and PPC had a winner in each of them! In the GSCCC Pictorial Projected contest, Marie Hansen’s “Milky Way” received First Place, with a score of 13 points.

Milky Way
Milky Way © Marie Hansen

In the GSCCC Photojournalism Projected competition, Dennis Fritsche’s “Home Stretch” received Third Place, with a score of 13 points.

Home Stretch
Home Stretch © Dennis Fritsche

Ron Lin’s “Splash,” placed Third in the February Nature Projected Digital Contest for the GSCCC.

Splash © Ron Lin

Ron Hasty’s photo, “Eagle at Dawn”, earned an Honorable Mention in the same contest.

Eagle at Dawn
Eagle at Dawn © Ron Hasty

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The Plano Photography Club website received a 3nd Place in the 2014 PSA Website Contest.

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