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Y’all come and visit us!

Come and join the friendly folks of the Plano Photography Club. Spend an evening with people who share your passion for photography. You may become a member or just visit to see what the club is all about.

Club Meeting, April 28

On Safari in East Africa: Photographing Nature by John Mead

John S. Mead is a Master Teacher of Biology and a Nature photographer from Allen, Texas. John has been fascinated with the natural world since he was a boy growing up in New York City. Despite the dearth of nature to be found in New York City, John’s love of biology combined with exposure to family members who loved photography led him to an adult life where the two would intersect. After concluding multiple degrees at his beloved Duke University, John came to Dallas to teach Life Science at the St. Mark’s School of Texas. Working with young students proved to John the need to teach biology as a visual experience. Thus, John developed his current passion for imaging the natural world.

Cheetah Portrait
Cheetah Portrait © John Mead

Beginning in the early 1990’s, John traveled with students to places like Wyoming, New Mexico, and Belize. He always brought his camera along and worked to develop the skills that would help him tell the stories of those natural history travels. Such story telling extended to future visits to Africa as well as New Zealand to help share the beauty and majesty of nature with his students. In addition to his traditional DSLR work, John loves to take students of all ages on “Microsafaris,” getting to see the microscopic wonders of nature captured through microscopes outfitted with special video cameras. These videos have garnered well over 800,000 YouTube views. Regardless of technology, John remains steadfast in his desire to share Mother Nature’s greatest gift: Wonder.

Hyena Yawn
Hyena Yawn © John Mead

You can see John’s photographic work online at, or on Facebook: His MicroSafari videos reside on his YouTube Page at He also can be found on Twitter: @bluelionphotos.

Brilliant Sunrise
Brilliant Sunrise © John Mead

If you’d like to learn more about John, the Allen Image magazine did a cover story about him last March.

Allen Image Cover
Allen Image Cover

Snapshots! @ 6:15pm: Making Your Images POP for PPC Event Videos! by Lois Lehman

Come early to the meeting for a presentation at 6:15pm in the Music Room!

Lois has been preparing the club slideshows of our events for two years and she is going to share ways to make your images pop, so they make a splash in the slideshows. We really want everyone who participates in club activities to contribute to the shows and this program will help you get your images ready for the shows and get the images noticed. It will also help you make images pop in ways that judges will likely notice them, too.

April Competition

The April contest is open for submissions. Submitted images may cover any subject or theme of the photographer’s choice. Entries must be uploaded to the PPC Competition Site before midnight April 30. Each club member may submit one image.

The maximum width for images submitted to the contest is 1400 pixels. The limit on the height of the image is 1050 pixels.


Click here to view the current online edition of The Flash!

GSCCC Convention 2014

Registration is open for the Gulf States Camera Club Convention 2014, which will meet April 24-27 in Baton Rouge, LA. The convention is being hosted by the Louisiana Photographic Society and it celebrates the 60th anniversary of GSCCC, which held its first meeting in October 1954 in Baton Rouge. For conference details please visit

GSCCC Winners

March was a month with two Gulf States’ digital contests, and PPC had a winner in each of them! In the GSCCC Pictorial Projected contest, Marie Hansen’s “Milky Way” received First Place, with a score of 13 points.

Milky Way
Milky Way © Marie Hansen

In the GSCCC Photojournalism Projected competition, Dennis Fritsche’s “Home Stretch” received Third Place, with a score of 13 points.

Home Stretch
Home Stretch © Dennis Fritsche

Ron Lin’s “Splash,” placed Third in the February Nature Projected Digital Contest for the GSCCC.

Splash © Ron Lin

Ron Hasty’s photo, “Eagle at Dawn”, earned an Honorable Mention in the same contest.

Eagle at Dawn
Eagle at Dawn © Ron Hasty

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The Plano Photography Club website received a 2nd Place in the 2013 PSA Website Contest.

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Plano Photography Club awarded 2nd place in PSA website contest

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