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All images are copyright protected and are the exclusive property of their respective individual photographers. Every image is protected under U.S. and International copyright laws. No images are in the public domain. No image may be reproduced, altered or used for any purpose, without the written consent of the photographer.

Y’all come and visit us!

Come and join the friendly folks of the Plano Photography Club. Spend an evening with people who share your passion for photography. You may become a member or just visit to see what the club is all about.

Club Meeting, November 24

Don Champlin - 2013/2014 Photographer of the Year

Don Champlin has been shooting for 35 years as a hobby. When he finally made the transition from film to digital his photographic understanding increased immensely. He joined the PPC two years ago and entered his first competition which pushed him to get better at creating images to grab the viewers’ attention and to improve his technical abilities. Don sees photography as an enriching tool to increase awareness of the wondrous world in which we live.

Program Overview

Having placed in every single competition during the 2013-2014 Club year, including 3 Best of Shows, Don will share his approach to the making of various images and idea sources for his creative process. As one of the most successful Club members ever, he’ll talk about some of the techniques he’s employed to help create his winning images. 

©Don Champlin
©Don Champlin
©Don Champlin
©Don Champlin


The November Snapshots, Lightroom Basics, will be at 6:15, Nov 24th, in the room just down the hall from the PPC meeting room.

Just about any photograph can be improved with some basic global adjustments such as cropping, color temperature, exposure, contrast, and saturation. Dennis Fritsche will demonstrate using the Lightroom Develop Module to make these global adjustments. And as an added bonus, Dennis will show how to use the local adjustment tools to emphasize your subject and de-emphasize problem areas.


November Contest

The November contest is open for submissions. The theme for this contest is “Negative Space.” Entries must be uploaded to the PPC Competition Site before midnight November 30. Each club member may submit one image. For help in understanding the contest theme, please download this PDF document: Description of Competition Subjects. Each club member may submit one image.

The maximum width for images submitted to the contest is 1400 pixels. The limit on the height of the image is 1050 pixels.


Click here to view the current on-line edition of The Flash!

GSCCC Winners

For the GSCCC contest year 2013-2014, which ended in April, the PPC received the following awards in the three Projected Digital divisions in which it competes:

Pictorial: 1st Place

Nature: 3rd Place

Photojournalism: 5th Place

In the year-end competition, the PPC received the following recognitions:

Pictorial: 1st Place Chris Caho “Make My Day”

Pictorial: 1st HM Ernie Tacsik “Economic Pressure”

Nature: 1st HM Ron Hasty “Cold and Alone”

Photojournalism: 2nd HM Dennis Fritsche “Home Stretch”

The following are the PPC wins for the new, 2014-15 club year, to date:

In the May GSCCC Nature Projected Digital competition, Ron Hasty’s “Alaskan Brown Bear With Catch” received First Place.

Alaskan Brown Bear With Catch ©/Ron Hasty

In the June GSCCC Photojournalism Projected Digital Competition, John Lehman’s “The Blacksmith” received First Place.

The Blacksmith ©John Lehman

In the June GSCCC Pictorial Projected Digital competition, Marea Downey’s “Sunset Over the Sea” received Third Place.

Sunset Over the Sea ©Marea Downey

In the August GSCCC Photojournalism Projected Digital Competition, Larry Petterborg’s “Socotra Fisherman Casting Net” received Third Place.

Socotra Fisherman Casting Net ©Larry Petterborg

In the August GSCCC Pictorial Projected Digital competition, Sharlott Hasty’s “Mother and Baby in the Snow” received Third Place.

Mother and Baby in the Snow ©Sharlott Hasty

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Our “News to Use” email list is one of the primary means for keeping club members informed of club activities and events. To subscribe, please send an email request to the PPC email administrator. After your club membership is verified, your email address will be added to the distribution list, and you will receive a welcome message via email. The club does not share member information with 3rd parties, nor will we send out any messages not directly related to club business.

Photographic Society of America Website Contest

The Plano Photography Club website received a 3nd Place in the 2014 PSA Website Contest.

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Plano Photography Club awarded 3nd place in PSA website contest

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