PPC Educational Resources

“Put It on Paper” (Dennis Fritsche)

Presentation on printing your photographs (originally released August 18, 2016; updated February 20, 2020).

Accompanying the presentation are two videos: Mounting a Photo and Cutting a Mat.

Photo Intention Deficit Disorder (PIDD) (Larry Petterborg)

Presentation on making sure your photos have IMPACT!

Overview of Compositing (Jim Christensen)

Compositing - Expand Your Creative Space

Intro to Pre-Meeting Training

An introductory presentation covering the training classes that will be offered starting in May 2017.
PPC Pre-Meeting Training Roll-out

Photoshop Basic Training Class (Bud Barlow)

Photoshop Basic Training (April 25, 2015, using PS CC 2014) - covers PS preferences, workflow, shortcuts, simple image adjustments and selections, noise reduction and sharpening, layers and masks, resizing and printing.

Audience: Relatively inexperienced users of Photoshop (or Photoshop Elements), or those with some experience who want to “fill in some gaps”.

Photoshop Advanced Training Class (Bud Barlow)

Photoshop Advanced Training (May 30, 2015) - covers Advanced Selections, Masking, Smart Objects, Composite Images, and Camera Raw Filter.

Files used in the Advanced Photoshop class

Lightroom Training Classes

Lightroom Training - Overview, Library, Basic Editing (February 7, 2015)

Lightroom Training - Develop Module (February 28, 2015)

Color, the Brain, and Monitor Calibration (Dennis Fritsche)

Color, the Brain, and Monitor Calibration

Guidelines for Composites (Hal Wallar)

This is a handout from Hal’s 8/4/14 presentation: Imagination, Photoshop, & Compositing.

Also, we have video of Hal‘s presentation. Warning: This is a large file and may load very slowly.

Flower Photography (Larry Petterborg)

Larry has created a beautiful presentation on Flower Photography. Here it is in two formats:

Producing a Creative Photo (Bud Barlow)

This is a description of Bud Barlow’s creation of the Best of Show image from the “Take Five” contest: Producing a Creative Photo.

Photo Projects

From the Ocober 2013 club meeting:

Evolution of a Project by Dennis Fritsche
Water Dreams by Dennis Fritsche
Our Town by Russell McGuire, John Lehman, Lois Lehman
Restland Seasons by Larry Petterborg
Folk Slideshow by Bud Mallar

Six Ways to Improve Your Images

From the May 2013 Snapshots! session: Six Ways to Improve Your Images by John Lehman, and Think Like a Professional by Marea Downey.

Constructed Images (Priscilla Derr Killion)

Download and view the presentation to the club on Tabletop Photography: Constructed Images.

Grand Canyon and Star Trails (James Stover)

James shared his experiences on a rafting trip in the Grand Canyon: Grand Canyon and also gave us some valuable tips on making star trail photographs: Star Trails.

He also put together a beautiful slideshow of his images from the trip. Warning: the show is an executable file which will download to your desktop before it runs, and it is a very large file - so expect long download times. The show is well worth the wait!

HDR and Christmas Lights (James Stover)

James taught the use of High Dynamic Range (HDR) techniques to photograph outdoor displays of Christmas lights.

Christmas Light Photography

Landscape Composition (Dan Leffel)

For the November 2012 “Snapshots!” presentation, Dan discussed landscape composition.

Landscape Composition

Adobe Lightroom (Dennis Fritsche)

Dennis taught Lightroom techniques for the September 2012 “Snapshots!” session.

Lightroom Overview
Develop Module Tutorial Parts 1 & 2
Develop Module Tutorial Part 3 (new)

“Gearing Up” Workshop

The PPC Training Event for Spring 2012 was the “Gearing Up” Workshop. Materials from the different stations are found at the following links.

Equipment Considerations
Choosing a Lens
Landscape Photography
Close-Up Photography
Wildlife Photography

Resizing Images

If you are uncertain how to resize your images in order to enter them in a photo club contest, please check one of these tutorials.

Image Resizing in Photoshop ...
... in Photoshop Elements ...
... and in Lightroom

GSCCC Nature Photography (Larry Petterborg)

Slideshow with valuable tips on taking nature photographs according to GSCCC standards.

Nature Photography

From How to Wow! (John Lehman)

Some great advice on working with models and tips on lighting for outdoor model shoots.

From How to Wow!

Creating Art from Photography

Following his presentation on Monday, Aug. 26, 2011, Ron provided some printed instructions to help folks who wanted to try some of his methods for turning photographic images into art.

Creating Art

Making a Slideshow Using Pro Show Gold (Dennis Fritsche)

Presentation on how to build slideshows from your images. This is a good way to exhibit your photography - at the PPC end-of-year party, for example.

Making a Slideshow

Preparing Print Images

For some instructions and advice on preparing print images for competition, please read these documents:

Printing and Displaying Your Photographs
Preparing Your Print
Reusable Mats

... or view this video.

Attaching Print to Mat

Printing in Black and White (Eric Schoondergang)

As the February 2012 speaker, Eric gave a presentation on Printing Black and White images. He has graciously provided copies of his materials - a slideshow and accompanying notes.

Printing Black and White Slideshow
Slideshow Notes

Resizing Images

The Dallas Camera Club has created some video training on how to resize images for Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Lightroom users. Links to these training materials are provided here with the permission of the DCC.

Photoshop and Elements

Light Rental

A complete lighting equipment set is available for members to rent. Additional information and a Rental Agreement is available in a downloadable Light Rental Portable Document Format (PDF) file. The availability of the lighting equipment set can be viewed directly on a Google calendar ("busy" is used to indicate the lighting equipment set has been rented or reserved).

Tabletop Photography

Some of the setups used during the Tabletop Photography Workshop can be checked out for club members to work with at home. Contact Cindy Vaillancourt for more details and to make arrangements.

Calibration Equipment Rental

A ColorMunki Photo is available for members to rent. The ColorMunki Photo can be used to color-calibrate monitors, printers and projectors. A LensAlign MKII is also available for members to rent. The LensAlign MKII can be used to check the accuracy of your camera’s autofocus system. Additional information and a Calibration Equipment Rental Agreement is available in a downloadable Portable Document Format (PDF) file. Rental inquiries should be addressed to the Calibration Equipment Rental Officer.

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