About My Account Settings

Each member of the Plano Photography Club is responsible for management of their own membership account settings.

The information below is intended to explain the key options available and offers some recommendations for appropriate settings.

To access your PPC account settings, log in to the website and select My Account | My Account Settings.

Account Settings

From the My Account Settings page you can perform the following actions:

  • Change Login Name
  • Change or Remove E-Mail Address
  • Update Personal Profile and Organization Options
  • Update Addresses
  • Change Avatar Image (add or change the photograph members see)
  • Update Membership Information
  • Change Password
  • Change Password Reset Question
  • Delete My (i.e., your) Account

Recommendations for Personal Information

The Plano Photography Club recommends the following:

  1. Add an avatar image
  2. Make sure your email and addresses are correct
  3. On the "Update Personal Profile and Organization Options"
    1. Verify the information
    2. Honors: List your photography honors such as
      • PPC Service Award
      • PPC Past President
      • PSA designations
    3. Enter your personal website

Recommendations for Organization Settings

These help members connect with you. This information is never shared externally.

  1. Images, Privacy, and Organization Email

  2. Display of images - These need to be set to allow images to display in the Competition Results.

    If you choose “Do Not Display Images” your images will not show in the results. Choose the other settings based on your preference.

Finally, click “Update" to apply all changes.

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