Links to Material Referenced in Dennis Fritsche's Ask Me Anything Sessions

Common Photography Terms and Abbreviations (From Russell)

History of Photoshop

Making Sharp Images

My notes from the discussion of making sharp images with examples of Topaz Sharpen AI. HERE

Links to Articles on Making Sharp Images

Tips from a Photographer with Grandkids Playing Sports - Jim Walsh

Tips from a Photographer with Grandkids.pdf

Still Life Photography

Q (from Nancy Mack): What are the rules/guidelines/best practice for composing still life images?

A: Well, still life usually has foreground, middle, background, but in a very compressed space. So compressed, in fact, that it is hard to discern these 3 elements in a few inches to maybe 2 feet.

I would, instead, consider lighting, size, height, and overlap when setting up the items. Have some connections that lead the eye around the composition.

Start simple and then compose by adding/subtracting items.

Consider color - lighter attracts attention; darks recede. Determine the most important element and how to lead the eye there.

Rule of thirds; leading lines; balance, symmetry, focus. Much the same as any composition, with the exception that still life usually exists in a very compressed space front to back.

Some ideas (a Google search gives more):

Alternatives to Adobe Software

jerryc41 Loc: Catskill Mts of NY

Before you commit to $120/year, try some free programs, or even less expensive ones. Almost any software can crop, adjust brightness and color, and do basic things like that. If you want to replace heads and backgrounds, you might need more specialized software. Whatever you use will have tutorials online.

Russell McGuire copied these references from another site showing links to alternatives to Adobe's programs. Some are free. I cannot vouch for any of them.

Photoshop alternatives - 6 Cheap Alternatives to Adobe Photoshop

Free Processing

Affinity Photo (Low Cost Processing Software)

NOTE: From now through April 20, 2020, you can purchase Affinity Photo for 50% off ($24.95) or take advantage of a 90-day free trial of the product.

Other Tools


Get Something Out Of Staying In: Ideas For Photo Isolation

At an "Ask Me Anything" group session, a member asked about handling hair which has picked up a green tint from a green screen.

Russell McGuire came through and found this video explaining how to remove the green tint:


Russell McGuire also provided a link to an article on using Google Maps and Google Earth in photo shoot planning:

Tips for Cyber-Scouting Photo Locations So You Can Get the Best Shots

To The Moon And Back (includes videos)

Dennis' Daily Readings:

On Russel's reading list: Ugly Hedgehog - Photography Forum (Just be wary of occasional snide remarks - the moderators do a pretty good job squashing people who repeat offend.)

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