Outside Photography Competitions

Below is a list of local and national photography competitions that you may be interested in. This is NOT a comprehensive list. You are encouraged to perform your own searches for additional competitions.

Some contests were not listed here because of the lack of clarity relative to ownership rights. You are responsible for managing your ownership rights.

Local Competitions

Club Description Additional Details
Plano Photography Club The PPC has one competition per month. Membership required. Classes: Entry, Intermediate, Advanced, Masters

Categories: Projected
Dallas Camera Club The DCC has multiple competitions on a monthly basis. There are 5 yearly competitions. Membership required. Classes: Beginner, Advanced, Masters

Categories: Projected, Color Prints, Monochrome Prints
Fort Worth Camera Club The FWCC has one competition per month. Membership required. Classes: Beginner, Advanced, Masters

Categories: Projected and Print
Cowtown Camera Club The CTCC has one competition per month.  
Heard Photography Club The HPC has an annual competition. Membership not required. Nature images

Classes: Open

National Competitions

Club Description Notes on Ownership
Life Framer Ongoing, monthly competitions.

A unique photography competition and a renowned platform for discovering and exhibiting contemporary photography. Gain widespread exposure, your work exhibited around the world, and win cash prizes along the way.
Life Framer respects your rights and does not claim copyright for works you submit to the award. You will retain full copyright in each entry, with us granted a license to use it for specific purposes (e.g. on our social media and in relation to the winners exhibitions). For more details, please read our full rules.
PhotoPlace Gallery Ongoing competitions.

Multiple competitions; currently Landscape and Finding Joy are ‘open call for entry’.

$39 for 5 entries
You own all rights to the images.
Trinity Park Conservancy    

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