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Shawn Saumell: The Art of Still Life

November 21, 2019 - 7:15 pm

Shawn Samuell

Shawn Saumell was born in New York and currently lives and works in Dallas. He received an MFA from Lesley University College of Arts and Design, formerly known as The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University; a BFA from Texas Woman’s University, magna cum laude; and an AA from Collin College, cum laude.

Power to the People © Shawn Samuell

Saumell's work has been featured in over 150 exhibitions worldwide and has won many international awards including, but not limited to: "First Place," "Director's Choice," "Photographer of the Year," "Best of Biennial," "100 Best International," "Top 50 MFA Painters in America," "Top 25 International Fine Artists," and "Best of Show."

Immortal © Shawn Samuell

He has had a recent solo exhibition at the JM Gallery, Dallas, TX [2018]; One Arts Plaza, Dallas, TX [2016]; and Governor's Island Art Fair, New York, NY [2015]; and recent juried exhibitions at the New York Center for Photographic Art, New York, NY [2018]; A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX [2016]; Provincetown Conservation Trust, Provincetown, MA [2016]; and L.A. Photo Curator, Los Angeles, CA [2016]; as well as recent group exhibitions at the Dallas Arboretum, Dallas, TX [2018]; Art 7 Gallery, Fort Worth, TX [2018]; Commons Gallery, Cambridge, MA [2017]; and the Limner Gallery, New York, NY [2016]. To learn more about Shawn and his work, we ask you visit his website at: shawnsaumell.com

Shawn’s program is titled "The Art of Still Life." In this program, Shawn Saumell will present his process and work based on using found objects to sculpt and assemble still life tableaus, which are then photographed. These maquettes and vignettes range from minimal abstracts to hyper-real worlds; from monochrome to vibrant false color. Come and visit his worlds of constructed photography.

Grind © Shawn Samuell
Happiness in Slavery © Shawn Samuell


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