Upcoming Club Programs

Because of state and local restrictions established in response to the COVID-19 pandemic all in-person club programs have been canceled until further notice.

However, the Plano Photography Club is holding monthly club programs via Zoom. Upcoming program information is listed below.

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April 15, 2021 - Larry Petterborg: Visual Design Essentials

Larry Petterborg
Larry Petterborg

Program Description: Ansel Adams once said that “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

Making a photograph goes well beyond the act of pressing the shutter button to capture whatever happens to be in front of the lens. The maker of a photograph thoughtfully works to create an image the conveys their vision of the scene before recording the subject. To make a photograph, one takes advantage of visual design principles and practices.

This presentation will be a condensed version of a six-part course titled Visual Design Basics that was offered in 2020 as club training. That course was modeled on books written by Freeman Patterson.

The visual design concepts of light, line, shape, texture, and perspective will be discussed in the context of creating photographic compositions that truly express the photographer’s vision. The visual elements within a frame are like words on a page, they can be arranged in way that tells a coherent story or results in random nonsense.

As the photographer, you are responsible for the arrangement. What do you wish to say with your images?

Bio: Larry Petterborg is a long-time (over 20 years) member of the Plano Photography Club, having served in various capacities including program chair.

He is currently President of the Dallas Camera Club, a member of the Heard Nature Photographers Club, and has been a Plano Photography Club Photographer of the Year.

Larry taught Human Clinical Anatomy for many years and retired from Texas Woman’s University in 2015. He lives in Dallas with his wife of over 50 years, Mary.


Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes   Elephant   Leading Lines   Light and Dark

Samples of Larry's Photography


June 17, 2021 - Jerry Schlesinger: Cruisin' With Your Camera

Jerry Schlesinger
Jerry Schlesinger

Program Description: Jerry and his wife Ilene really enjoy cruising. Since 1999, they have taken 39 cruises encompassing 470 nights at sea aboard six different cruise lines.

In this program, Jerry will share with us why they like cruising, the photography challenges that you encounter while on cruises, and helpful tips to make cruising with your camera more fun and enjoyable.

Bio: Jerry Schlesinger was born in Brooklyn, New York. His interest in photography developed while flipping through the pages of his parents' Life magazines.

With degrees in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, he worked for Western Electric/AT&T Microelectronics in Allentown, PA and Orlando, FL for 30 years. After a short (one weekend) retirement, he began a second professional career with Texas Instruments (TI) in Dallas. His entire career was in the area of photolithography, a process central to the manufacture of semiconductor devices.

The most expensive “camera” he used in that area cost $10,000,000. He was a specialist in the metrology related to photolithography and was the TI representative on Sematech's Metrology Advisory Committee. Jerry retired from TI after 14 years.

Jerry is a member of the Plano Photography Club and currently serves as the Contest Committee Chair. He and Ilene live in Denton and enjoy traveling the world together by ship or car. Their children live in Charlottesville, VA and Portland, OR.


Grand Cayman   Vanuatu   Queen Mary 2   New York City at Sunset   Queen Victoria Shipboard

Samples of Jerry's Photography


July 15, 2021 - Evans Caglage: A Ladder In Every City - Covering Fashion Shows

Evans Caglage
Evans Caglage

Program Description: When the light, the music, and the models are good there is nothing better than a fashion show.

In Part 1 of Evans' program in February 2021, he covered what he looks for in portrait and editorial fashion images. In Part 2, he will share his experience from the fashion shows and runways in Milan, Paris, and New York (and sometimes Dallas and LA).

Bio: Evans Caglage began his professional career at The Dallas Morning News in 1979, where he covered traditional photojournalistic assignments like news, features and sports. After a few years he developed an interest in photo illustration and slowly moved toward assignments in the studio concentrating on fashion and portraits.

Soon after he became the designated studio photographer and then the fashion photographer working exclusively for Fashion!Dallas. This led to shoots in Dallas and other areas of the country. He started to travel internationally as well shooting fashion weeks in Milan, Paris, New York and Los Angeles.

When the fashion section folded he continued studio work covering food, house & garden and portraits as well as any photo illustrations that were needed. His last few years at The News were spent as a Photo Editor making the photo selections that would be used in the newspaper and online. He is currently semi-retired doing occasional freelance shooting and editing jobs that interest him.

Evans' image collections are at evanscaglage.com.


August 19, 2021 - Anita Oakley: Storm Chasing

Program Description: Without seeing them, the power and beauty of supercells is hard to imagine. Images don’t really convey the grandeur of a huge thunderstorm, but they can be spectacular nonetheless.

In our August presentation Anita Oakley will share images from her storm chasing experiences and explain how chasers prepare for the chase, what causes severe weather, and how you can get involved if you are interested in joining in on the fun.

Bio: Anita has always loved photography and been drawn to nature and wildlife. Once her children were grown, she resumed her hobby, took classes, and got serious about it. She is now building a professional reputation, having been published on the Joseph Van Os Photo Safaris website, in Nature Photographer magazine, and on the Nature Photographer website. She has a good following on Instagram as @anitaophotos.

Business trips took her to India, Australia, Germany, South Africa, and England – and she got hooked on travel. So the logical progression was to marry her passions for photography and travel. She has shot puffins in Iceland, polar bears in Svalbard, cheetahs in Kenya. In 2019 she started chasing severe weather in the plains states, and is looking forward to the 2021 chase season.

She retired from Microsoft in 2016, and now volunteers for her church and Baylor Hospital in Dallas, as well as devoting more time to her photography.

In 2004 she went all digital, and in 2015 she made the move to Olympus mirrorless cameras. Currently she shoots the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mk III and Mk II. She does her digital darkroom work in Lightroom and Photoshop, and prints on an Epson 4880 Pro Printer.


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