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Margaret Bryant: Top Ten Dog Photography Tips

February 20, 2020 - 7:15 pm

Margaret Bryant
Margaret Bryant

Margaret Bryant is an award-winning animal photographer with 21+ years of photographing animals in her studio.

Her style is simple, original and authentic. Images that capture the humor and whimsy of her subjects are her favorites.

She is a Professional Photographers of America Master of Photography, Photographic Craftsman, and CPP.

She has also authored two books: Dog Photography: How to Capture the Love, Fun and Whimsy of Man's Best Friend and Who Rescued Whom: Dog Portraits and Rescue Stories.

Margaret's work can be seen at bryantdogphotography.com and on Instagram (@margaret_bryant2014).

Whether you are a hobbyist or professional photographer you are bound to pick up some tips in Margaret's program "Top Ten Dog Photography Tips." Margaret has been photographing dogs for a while and knows a thing or two about them. These tips will help you get better photographs of your dogs.

Don't be surprised if she throws in more than ten!

Border Collies   Yorkies!   Weimeraner on Chairs

Examples of Margaret's Adorable Dog Portraits



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