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October 19, 2023 - Essie Graham: Thinking Outside The Box

Essie Graham
Essie Graham

Bio:Essie Graham is a self-taught photographer who lives in Plano, Texas. She picked up her first camera while stationed in Germany and has been hooked ever since. Essie considers herself to be a film "junkie." She is prolific with any type of film or camera. Her experimental methods have set her apart from the norm as both a photographer and an artist.

Program Description: This presentation is a short history of how I use photography to document the world around me, from taking the shot to the presentation of the final product. My work can be recognized by a timeless and ethereal quality where the imperfections of the subject, camera, or technique are often highlighted as an integral part of the image.

I use all types of cameras in my work, though most often, older film cameras and Polaroid materials, which can give surprising results at times. My goal is to take pictures that make people think outside the box, to look at things differently, unconventionally or from a new perspective.

Join me for an evening of looking at some of my photos. Hopefully they can give you some ideas that will allow you to also “Think Outside the Box.”



Samples of Essie's Photography


January 18, 2024 - Barry Guimbellot: Getting Started in Underwater Photography and How to Quickly Excel

Barry Guimbellot
Barry Guimbellot

Bio: From 1997-2020, Barry and Ruth Guimbellot were contributing editors for Dive Training and Dive Center Business magazines and were the Video Producers for Dive Training. Barry is also the founder of the Dallas Underwater Photographic Society and was its president for the organization's first 30 years.

Each issue, they wrote and produced photography for two bimonthly columns, “Scuba Dive Skills” and “The Final Check” and they created a YouTube video based on the bimonthly “Scuba Dive Skills” column. To date, the YouTube video channel is still active with over 2 ¼ million views.

Over eighty magazine and catalog covers have featured their photos. Barry and Ruth also specialize in shooting models’ headshots and portfolios, as well as images for high profile ad campaigns, catalogs, and web pages. Along with Marty Snyderman and Eric Cheng, Barry helped develop keyword workflow lists for marine life, birds and mammals of the world. Barry is a dealer for Big Blue Dive Lights and Leak Sentinel vacuum protection devices for underwater camera housings.

When not photographing scuba divers and working on book covers, they train in the martial arts. Both Barry and Ruth hold Black Belts in American Karate, and Barry is a tenth Degree Black Belt.

Program Description: In Barry’s presentation he will give an overview of the equipment needed for underwater photography, both advanced as-well-as very affordable options.

He will also discuss techniques that are needed for every photographer to get pleasing images that one can be proud to show.

Underwater photography doesn’t have to be difficult, especially with the new camera technology we have access to. New underwater lighting options will be discussed that will do a lot to help us create good images.

By using Barry’s techniques, you will be fast-tracked into the underwater photography world.



Samples of Barry's Photography


February 15, 2024 - Jason Ware: Preparing for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

Jason Ware
Jason Ware

Bio: With over 100 publications, Jason is a member of the Texas Astronomical Society of Dallas and has been involved in astrophotography since 1989. He is an astrophotography consultant for Meade Instruments, a world leader in the manufacturing of telescopes, solar telescopes, microscopes, and optics.

Jason holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering (BSEE) from Texas Tech University and currently works for Cadence Design Systems.

In addition to photographing the night sky, Jason’s interests include playing recreational adult league ice hockey, RC helicopter flying, and model building.

Program Description: Start planning today for the upcoming total solar eclipse. We will cover where to observe it, which lenses and filters to use, and what techniques will increase your chances to get the best photos. Exposure recommendations and post-processing after the event will also be discussed, along with how to enjoy the experience.



Samples of Jason's Photography


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Date Speaker Program
October 19, 2023 Essie Graham Thinking Outside The Box
November 16, 2023 Eddie Yu Photographer of the Year
January 18, 2024 Barry Guimbellot Getting Started in Underwater Photography and How to Quickly Excel
February 15, 2024 Jason Ware Preparing for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

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