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April 20, 2023 - Houston Brown: The 3rd Perspective

Houston Brown
Houston Brown

Bio: I have been in photography for over twenty years and video for the last six. Photography was a means to an end for me back in the day when blogging had not quite kicked into gear.

I started documenting my weekends on Lake Texoma for a website that I had and over the years it grew in popularity. Subsequently, I was asked to shoot photographs of some friends and then homes and the rest is history.

In 2013 the first consumer drone was released but I never saw any compelling results from it. However, several years later the camera system became integrated and no longer required a GoPro and that is when things changed. I launched an aerial photography and video business aimed at ranches all across Texas in the real estate community.

Program Description: As photographers, our ability to change the perspective of a subject is somewhat limited. We can move the camera forwards or backward or right and left. With macro photography, you can move the camera above and below but for most other forms of picture-taking, we are pretty much restricted.

But with the advent of drones, the ability to capture images quickly, effectively, and efficiently from angles that would otherwise elude us became possible.

It is my honor to speak with you about getting into aerial photography; I will discuss both the technical and the equipment aspects.



Examples of Houston's Photography


June 15, 2023 - Hector Reyes: Missiles to Models - One Man's Photographic Journey

Hector Reyes
Hector Reyes

Bio: Hector is a Dallas-based fashion photographer. He has degrees in engineering and has had a camera in his hand for over 20 years. He shoots with Nikon cameras and Elinchrom lights and is equally comfortable on location in natural light.

He works hard to create striking images that celebrate life in all its forms. His work has been described as "professional," "clean," and "modern." Hector has photographed new and established models and entertainers for years.

His background in engineering combined with years of experience as a fashion and lifestyle photographer results in modern, stylish images that his clients love.

Born and raised in Robstown, Texas, Hector has engineering degrees from Southern Methodist University and Texas Tech University. Before entering the world of fashion photography, Hector was the Chief Engineer for the Raytheon Company’s Land Warfare Systems business. He was the Chief Engineer for major Army weapon systems such at the Javelin Missile, Stinger Missile, TOW missile, as well as the Infra-Red targeting systems for the Abrams Tank and Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

Program Description: After 30 years of designing military weapon systems Hector retired early such as to have a second chapter in his career. He is now four (4) years into a career as a professional fashion photographer. He photographs models for all the local modeling agencies as well as aspiring models just dipping their toe into the industry.

Hector will speak to his journey of discovery to this point. Discovery regarding photographic technology. Discovery of post-processing techniques. Discovery of photography for fashion. Discovery of what to do with his images. Discovery of the fashion industry. And, finally, discovery of his own artisan’s eye.



Examples of Hector's Photography


Future PPC Programs

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Date Speaker Program
April 20, 2023 Houston Brown The 3rd Perspecitve
May 18, 2023 PPC End of the Year Party n/a
June 15, 2023 Hector Reyes Missiles to Models - One Man's Photographic Journey

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