Competition Topics

January 2022 Contest

The theme for the January 2022 Plano Photography Club photo contest is OPEN (Electronic).

You may submit one image to the contest.

Entries must be uploaded to the PPC Competition Site before 11:59 PM CT January 20, 2021.

Please review the PPC Competition Rules and Process document if you have questions about how the club competitions work. If you need additional information, please contact the Contest Chair.

NOTE: You must be a Plano Photography Club member in order to submit an image to a competition.



Calendar of Contest Themes

All competitions listed below are for images in a digital/electronic format unless otherwise noted.

2021-2022 PPC Competition Year

Competition Month   Topic Resources
May 2021  -  Motion A Beginner’s Guide to Capturing Motion in Your Photography
How To Capture Motion and Moving Subjects
How to Capture Motion Blur in Photography (6 Tips)
Tips for Capturing Motion Blur Photography
June 2021  -  Open  
July 2021  -  Neon Lights Best Tips to Shoot Neon Lights
10 Awesome Tips for Photographing Neon Signs
Make Your Photos Pop With These 8 Colorful Ways To Shoot Neon Signs
Editing Neon Photography
August 2021  -  Open  
September 2021  -  Nighttime Water Reflections 10 Pro Tips for Photographing Landscape Reflections
A Brief Guide to Water Reflection Photography
How to Improve Your Night Photos – Add Reflections
How to Photograph Amazing Water Reflections
Tips for Shooting Water Reflection Photos
October 2021  -  Open (Print Format)  
November 2021  -  Abandoned Places 6 Tips For Photographing Abandoned Places
Abandoned Building Photography Tutorial: 11 Tips
Abandoned Places Photography: Tips For Shooting And Editing
How to Photograph Abandoned Locations
How to Photograph Abandoned Places
Tips to Shoot Abandoned Spaces
December 2021  -  No Contest  
January 2022  -  Open  
February 2022  -  Silhouette (Print Format) How to Photograph Silhouettes in 8 Easy Steps
Best Techniques for Shooting Silhouette Photography
10 Tips for Taking Stunning Silhouette Photos with Your Smartphone
Sunset Silhouette Photography – A Complete Guide
How to Edit Silhouette Photos in Lightroom
March 2022  -  Open  
April 2022  -  SPECIAL CONTESTS  

The SPECIAL CONTESTS do not count in end-of-year standings. The themes are Portraits, Photojournalism, and Nature.

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