Competition Topics

August 2020 Contest

The theme for the next Plano Photography Club photo contest is Open (Electronic).

You may submit one image to the contest.

Entries must be uploaded to the PPC Competition Site before midnight August 20, 2020.

NOTE: You must be a member of the Plano Photography Club in order to submit an image to a competition.



Calendar of Contest Themes

All competitions listed below are for images in a digital format unless otherwise noted.

2020-2021 PPC Competition Year

May 2020   -   Open
June 2020   -   Open
July 2020   -   Transportation
August 2020   -   Open
September 2020   -   Night/After the Sun Goes Down
October 2020   -   Open (Print Format)
November 2020   -   Abstract
December 2020   -   No Contest
January 2021   -   Open
February 2021   -   Serenity in Nature (Print Format)
March 2021   -   Town or Cityscape
April 2021   -   SPECIAL CONTESTS

The SPECIAL CONTESTS do not count in end-of-year standings. The themes are Portraits, Photojournalism, and Nature.

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