Club Competitions


The purpose of the Plano Photography Club competitions is to

  • encourage members to practice their art through monthly contests,
  • provide educational opportunities for improvement, and
  • reward members' photographic achievements.

In addition, competitions provide an educational component. They are judged by independent judges who also provide a verbal critique of each image. The images and the critiques are then included in a slide show that is part of every monthly meeting.

Participation in the competitions is optional, but encouraged.


Competition Year

Contests are conducted on a monthly basis beginning in May and continuing through the following March for a total of ten monthly competitions. There is no contest in December.

Half of the contests have specific themes; the rest are open. There may also be year-long special interest contests. These may include Portraits, Photojournalism, Nature or other topics.

Two of the monthly contests are prints and the rest electronic.


Competition Levels

Members participate in one of four competition levels.

New members may elect to participate in either the Entry level or the Intermediate level. Advancement to the other two levels (Advanced and Masters) depends on how well one does the prior year.

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