Club Meetings Are Held on the 3rd Thursday of Each Month (except December)
Training at 6:00 PM and Program at 7:00 PM
West Plano Presbyterian Church - 2709 Custer Road, Plano, Texas

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The aim of the Plano Photography Club is the enjoyment, mastery, and furtherance of photography through cooperation, effort, and good fellowship. Serving Plano and surrounding areas, we welcome photographers of all skill levels.

Watch this orientation video to learn more about the club. Then join us at our next monthly meeting and get to know the friendly folks in the Plano Photography Club.


Important Dates

  • February  4 - Topic of the Week submission deadline - FOUR LEGS
  • February 11 - Topic of the Week submission deadline - THINGS THAT BEGIN WITH THE LETTER H
  • February 16 - Shot Discipline and Support training w/Dennis Fritsche (before club meeting)
  • February 16 - Monthly club meeting w/guest speaker Guy Rogers III
  • February 16 - February photo contest submission deadline - FRUIT / VEGETABLE (Print)
  • February 25 - Tabletop Workshop at WPPC
  • April 25-27 - High Island/Bolivar Peninsula Field Trip
  • September 25-27 - Ghost Ranch Field Trip

  • Club Photo Activities and Galleries

    Topic of the Week 5: FOUR LEGS

    Monday, January 30, 2023, to Saturday, February 4, 2023

    To participate, send ONE OR TWO IMAGES IN JPEG FORMAT related to this week's topic to

    Submitted images will be displayed in the scrolling gallery seen at the right. Please note that no one is able to download copies of submitted photos.

    Only the first two received will be included in the gallery if you submit more than two photos.

    Please include YOUR NAME and the TOPIC in the file name(s) (e.g., GustavStickley_FourLegs_1.jpg).

    The maximum dimension (long edge) for submitted images is 4096 pixels; the maximum file size is 10MB.

    The photo submission deadline for this activity is SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 4.

    Planning ahead? The topic for the next week will be THINGS THAT BEGIN WITH THE LETTER H.


    Visit the Plano Photography Club Facebook Page to Like your favorite Topic of the Week photos.

    Full-Screen Views: Gallery | Slideshow | All Galleries and Slideshows


    Upcoming Activities / Photo Shoots

    Tabletop Workshop Coming February 25

    The club is excited to announce our 2023 Tabletop Workshop, which will take place on Saturday, February 25, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM at the West Plano Presbyterian Church (our home base).

    This indoor educational photo opportunity is in the format of a "hands-on" cafeteria-style photography workshop that encourages learning through participation. We ask that you please be considerate and share time at the various tabletop set-ups and digital stations.

    NOTE: The images on the right were captured at last year's Tabletop Workshop.

    Here is a list of the currently scheduled activities and stations (subject to change and additions):

    Presenter Topic Type
    Dennis Fritsche Oil and Water Hands-On
    Brian Clark Backlit Botanicals Hands-On
    Greg Rains Water Droplets Hands-On
    Jason Ware Dry Mounting Prints Demonstration
    John Lehman Smoke/Using Incense Hands-On
    Lois Lehman Paint with Light Hands-On
    Nancy Mack Goldleaf Demonstration
    Terree Stone Frozen Flowers Hands-On
    1. Hands-On: Can take photos
    2. Demonstration: Show and Tell
    3. Items to bring: Camera, lenses (including a macro if you have one), tripod
    4. Props will be provided
    5. For the Paint with Light and Smoke stations, if you would like to bring something special from home (e.g., vase, bottle, mask, etc.), please keep it under ten (10) inches in height


    Examples of Smoke/Incense and Painting with Light (photos courtesy of John and Lois Lehman)


    Club Contest Results

    Winning Images From the November 2022 Club Contest
    Topic: Blue Hour (Electronic)
    (Click any image to see it full-screen)

    Winners in the November Plano Photography Club contest were announced on Thursday, January 19, 2023, during the monthly club meeting.

    Award recipients are listed below; their submissions are seen on the right.


    • 1st: Blue Hour at the Big Apple Skyline - Eddie Yu
    • 2nd: The Historic El Rancho Hotel in Gallup, NM - Maggie Hutchison
    • 3rd: Church of the Setting Sun - David Valdez
    • HM: Last Light on the Corral - Rachel Allen


    • 1st: Travelling Man, Super Fan - David Witherspoon
    • 2nd: Buda Castle, Budapest - Robert Shafer
    • 3rd: The Dawn of Morning - Janice Goetz
    • HM: Fisherman's Wharf - Victoria, BC - Brian Clark
    • HM: Navigating Victoria's Inner Harbour - Greg Rains


    • 1st: Sea Town - Sanjay Kaul (also Best of Show)
    • 2nd: Nothing But Blue Skies Do I See - David Swinney
    • 3rd: Texas State Capital Building - Siu M Wong
    • HM: Austin Moonrise - Jason Ware
    • HM: Blue Velvet - Mary Kell Ruehle


    • 1st: Traveling Man Walking Tall - Larry Petterborg
    • 2nd: City of Burano after Sunset - Nock Wong
    • 3rd: Another Cold Night in Chicago - Russell McGuire
    • HM: On Hunt's Mesa - Dennis Fritsche
    • HM: The Stars Emerge - Anita Oakley

    Full-Screen Slideshow | Gallery | Judge's Commentary

    Standings: All Classes | Entry | Intermediate | Advanced | Master

    Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who participated.

    We'll be back in February for the results of the January competition.


    President's Message

    David Swinney

    January is historically the coldest month in North Texas. In February, the average daily high temperature will increase as the month goes along.

    But that doesn't mean there won't be days this month when it's just too cold to go outside and take pictures. Just think about what happened in the last two years. 

    What can you do to practice your craft when you can't (or prefer not to) leave the house ?

    Here are some suggestions for you to consider as the Winter of 2023 winds down:

    • Indoor Photography: Experiment with still life, macro, and portrait photography in your home or office.
    • Studio Photography: Set up a mini-studio with a simple backdrop, lighting equipment, and props.
    • Product Photography: Practice capturing images of objects around your house, such as toys, books, or electronics.
    • Abstract Photography: Try taking abstract photos of textures, patterns, or shapes indoors.
    • Time-lapse Photography: Create a time-lapse of an indoor activity, such as cooking, drawing, or working on a computer.
    • Study Technique: Research and learn about photography techniques, such as composition, lighting, and editing.
    • Edit Photos Differently: Use your favorite photo editing software to enhance and manipulate your indoor photos in ways that you don't typically attempt.
    • Join a Photography Challenge: Participate in online photography challenges to improve your skills (may I suggest our Topic of the Week challenge if you're not already participating?).

    All of these are good ideas for expanding your photographic skills at any time of the year, so I hope you will find something here that pushes you to learn something new or get better at what you already know whenever you choose to do so.

    - David Swinney (from the February 2023 issue of The FLASH!)


    Post-Processing Tip of the Week

    Week 5: How the Calibration Tool in Lightroom REALLY Works

    The Calibration Panel in Lightroom Classic is located in the Develop module and is used to adjust the color balance and tone of a photo. It allows you to fine-tune the colors in a photo by adjusting the primary colors of red, green, and blue, as well as the overall tone of the photo by adjusting the brightness, contrast, and saturation.

    In this tutorial from Pat Kay, you will learn how to use Lightroom's most powerful tool to help create a unique look for your pictures.

    Additional resources on this topic:

  • Master Lightroom's MOST POWERFUL TOOL | Calibration
  • Unlock the Power of the Calibration Tab in Lightroom
  • 5 Practical Uses For Color Calibration in Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom
  • How To Use and Understand the Calibration Tool in Lightroom Classic


    Club Contest Information - February 2023

    The theme for the next Plano Photography Club photo contest is FRUIT / VEGETABLE (Print). You may submit one image to this contest. SUBMIT CONTEST IMAGE(S)

    Fruit and Vegetable Photography

    Prints may be dropped off in the church parking lot on Saturday, February 11, 2023, between 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM CT, or at the February club meeting on Thursday, February 16, 2023.

    Electronic entries must be uploaded to the PPC Competition Site before 11:59 PM CT on Thursday, February 16, 2023.

    NOTE: You must be a Plano Photography Club member to submit a contest image.


  • 4 Top Tips For Creative Fruit And Veg Photography
  • 6 Photographers Offer Tips and Tricks for Great Photos of Fresh Produce
  • 10 Fruit and Vegetable Still Life Photography Tips
  • 11 Best Techniques for Vegetable and Fruit Photography
  • 12 Tips to Capture Stunning Vegetable Photography
  • Best Tips for Vegetable and Fruit Photography
  • Farm Fresh Photos – Tips for Photographing Fruits and Vegetables
  • Fruit Photography Guide For Beginners
  • Great Fruit and Vegetable Still Life Photography Ideas
  • Tips On Photographing Your Favorite Fruit Or Vegetable

    News and Information

    Looking for old news or information items? If you don't see it below, check out our News Archive.

    PPC Members Recognized in the January 2023 GSCCC Competition

    The following Plano Photography Club members received recognition in the Gulf States Camera Club Council January photo competition:

    Color Projected

  • 1st HM: Sea Town - Sanjay Kaul
  • Monochrome Projected

  • 2nd HM: The White Queen - Fred Manchester
  • Nature Projected

  • 3rd: Here I Come - Alan Daniel
  • To see the winning images and a full list of award recipients, please visit the GSCCC competition results page. Congratulations to those listed above.

    The North Texas Irish Festival Is Seeking Volunteers

    The PPC will once again make photographer passes available to members for The North Texas Irish Festival (NTIF) in March of this year. More to come on that later.

    But right now, we want to make you aware of the many volunteer opportunities available at the festival and a quickly approaching volunteer meeting where you can learn even more.

    North Texas Irish Festival

    From the NTIF Volunteers web page:


    Volunteer applications are now being sought for NTIF 2023. We have all kinds of openings available for all age groups and for families, church groups, singles groups, corporate groups, etc.

    Why Volunteer

    First and foremost - we all have a lot of fun! NTIF is a family, and we welcome everyone to become part of our family. Quite a few of our volunteers have been with us for years, and their children are now doing their part as volunteers, having grown up with us. Family indeed.

    For each 3-to-4-hour shift worked you will receive a free beverage of your choice at the Festival. One 3-hour shift gets you free admission into the Festival on the day of your shift. Two or more 3-to-4-hour shifts get you free admission into the Festival on all three days plus you will receive a free NTIF volunteer T-shirt. We also have a limited number of free, close-in parking spaces - the earlier you sign up the more likely you will get free parking.

    Many of our volunteers return year after year, often to work in the same area, but sometimes they like to try something new. Whatever your preference, you are a welcome member of one of the most dedicated and hard-working families in Texas.

    How to Volunteer

    New volunteers can either sign up online or just attend one of the volunteer orientation sessions planned for Sunday, January 29, 2023. Even if you sign up online attending the volunteer meetings is a good way to become reacquainted with old friends and get the latest information on what we are planning for this year's festival. If we get to the printers in time, you could also get your T-shirt early, plus a chance to buy more NTIF-branded items at a discounted price.

    The 2023 NTIF Volunteer Meeting will be held on Sunday, January 29, 2023, at our host hotel, the Doubletree by Hilton Campbell Centre. The hotel is located at 8250 N. Central Expressway, Dallas, TX. Coordinators and Managers meet from 1 – 2 pm, followed by the general volunteers meeting. We will be meeting in the Ballroom located just behind the front desk reception area. We look forward to seeing everyone and kicking off NTIF 2023! Please check our Meeting page for more information.

    We'll be sharing additional information about the club's visit to the North Texas Irish Festival very soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

    Seeking Photographers For Dallas Quilt Show In March

    Dallas Quilt Show

    Club member Jan de Meulder has asked that the following request be shared with all members:

    For the last several years a small group of volunteer photographers, mostly PPC, have been covering the Dallas Quilt Show, by taking pictures of the 350+ quilts in competition and providing timely quality shots to post on the official Dallas Quilt Show website and related social media.

    With a couple of volunteers not being available this year, Sam Lucas and I are looking for two (2) additional volunteers to take ~100 quilt pictures on the late afternoon/early evening of Thursday, March 9, 2023 and early Friday morning, March 10.

    Maybe there are new club members who would enjoy something new and challenging (i.e., taking lots of shots under time pressure, with changing sizes, challenging light from the late sun or neon lights, alternating flash, and tripod, and so on…).

    We also need to post-process them all in Adobe Lightroom, and manually frame the picture for every shot.

    If you feel you’re up for a challenge and would be interested to help out with this event, please contact Jan de Meulder via email.


    Invitation to Create New Website Banners

    As 2023 begins, we are again inviting all club members to create some new banners for use on the PPC website.

    There is a big difference this year - we are opening the contributions up to include your favorite photos from anywhere in the world - not just the city of Plano.

    PPC Website Banner Example

    Guidelines and requirements for the graphics are as follows:

    • They may consist of a single photo or a collage of photos in JPEG format
    • Banner dimensions must be exactly 1372px wide by 260px tall
    • The maximum banner file size is 1 MB
    • Banners may be in color or black & white (or anything in-between)
    • Submissions may include a photographer watermark
    • If no watermark is included, submitters will be acknowledged by name
    • You may submit more than one banner

    NOTE: The club logo will be overlaid on the submitted banners by the webmaster, so please do not incorporate it into your submissions.

    To participate, send your image(s) to

    Approved banners will be incorporated into a display rotation on the website. Our plan is to refresh them weekly, but the actual schedule will be determined by how many approved submissions we receive.

    Thanks in advance for your participation, and we look forward to seeing your creativity at work.



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