Training Class Material - 2022

Volunteer Photography - Lois Lehman

Managing Mobile Photos with Lightroom and Lightroom Classic David Swinney
  PDF   VIDEO  REFERENCE - Compare LR and LR Classic Features

Workflow Process Cliff McKenzie

How I Made It
  February 24, 2022 - VIDEO (This video exceeds 1 hour. Due to Dropbox limits, you must download to your computer and play locally to see it all.)
    David Mann - Compositing Fireworks
    Dennis Fritsche - Seeing in Black and White  PDF

  May 3, 2022  (Larry Petterborg making a GIF, Bill Matlock photographing dancers, Dennis Fritsche focus stacking) - VIDEO
    Larry Petterborg - Making a GIF  PDF

Seeing Beyond the SubjectAlan Whiteside
  Part 1 - PDF  VIDEO
  Part 2 - PDF  VIDEO
  Part 3 - PDF  VIDEO

Image Review - Anita Oakley and Dennis Fritsche
   February 10, 2022 - VIDEO
   March 29, 2022 - VIDEO

Lightroom 2022 Masking - Dennis Fritsche
   Session 1: Overview and Tools  PDF  VIDEO
   Session 2: Examples of Combining Tools  VIDEO

Ask Me Anything - Dennis Fritsche
   February 1, 2022 - Exporting, Moire, Masking Challenge  VIDEO
   March 10, 2022 - Dealing with Midday Sun, Histograms, more  VIDEO
                               Topaz Workflow Recommendations (provided by David Swinney)  PDF
   April 14, 2022 - VIDEO

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