Training Class Material - 2023

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Image Storage and Backup   
 May 25, 2023 - VIDEO
Backup Overview - David Boomstein   DOC
  Backup with NAS - Clive Fernando   DOC
  Backup with Backblaze - Greg Rains   DOC
  Backup 3-2-1 - Fernando Kohan   DOC
  Backup and Archiving Considerations - David Boomstein   DOC
  Backup and Storage - Dennis Fritsche   DOC  

Georgia O'Keeffe - Nancy Mack  PDF  VIDEO

My Passion - Live
April 20, 2023 - Nature Photography - Larry Petterborg   PDF

Image Review
 April 18, 2023 - VIDEO

Finding That Image in Lightroom Classic Dennis Fritsche

Ask Me Anything - Dennis Fritsche
 March 23, 2023 - VIDEO (Turn Photo to Watercolor, Helicon Focus, Extension Tubes and Teleconverters, Order of Lightroom Adjustments)

Long-Form Slideshows - Steve Reeves

Creating Backgrounds and Textures - Keni Evans

Creating Slideshows with Lightroom and PhotoStage Alan Daniel and Dennis Fritsche
 PDF  VIDEO   See also material from 2021 HERE 

What Judges Look For - Larry Petterborg

Support and Shot Discipline (Live February 16, 2023) - Dennis Fritsche

Collections in Lightroom for Organization and Sharing - Alan Daniel

Personal Website
 February 7, 2023 - VIDEO   
 Dennis Notes - PDF
 Bob Robinette provided a link to a VIDEO about different website considerations and options.

How I Made It
 January 26, 2023 - VIDEO (Focus Stacking with Photoshop, HDR, Masking Examples)

Local Adjustments and Masking in Lightroom Classic - Dennis Fritsche
 Part 1 - PDF  VIDEO
 Part 2 - VIDEO  LINK to a good video showing use of local adjustments

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