Training Class Material - 2021

Expand the Capability of your Camera - Frank Richards
  HDR      PDF     VIDEO

Creating a Photography Slideshow with Dennis Fritsche
  Part 1  PDF  VIDEO
  Part 2  PDF  VIDEO

    Gary Kelly's Making a Digital Slideshow Using Proshow Gold  PDF
    Trees        VIDEO
    Trees V2   VIDEO
    The Day the Earth Stood Still by Frank Richards  VIDEO
    Making and Enjoying Video Shared Over Zoom   PDF

Printing with Dennis Fritsche
  Part 1  PDF  VIDEO
  Part 2  PDF  VIDEO
  Part 3  PDF  VIDEO
     Mounting a Print  VIDEO
     Cutting a Mat  VIDEO

Luminosity Panel in Photoshop with Anita Oakley  VIDEO
Addendum: Burning with Luminosity Mask (Revision 2)  VIDEO

Photographing Water with Alan Whiteside  
  Part 1   PDF  VIDEO
  Part 2   PDF  VIDEO

File Formats  with David Swinney
Part 1  PDF  VIDEO
  Part 2  PDF  VIDEO
     DNG Conversion  VIDEO
     XMP File Creation in Lightroom  VIDEO

Ask Me Anything with Dennis Fritsche
  January 19, 2021  VIDEO   Referenced Material  PDF

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