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How I Made It | Image Review | Lightroom: Camera to Print | Composition for Still Life | Fun with Photoshop | Selections in Photoshop | Photojournalism | What Judges Look For | Street Photography | Expand Your Camera's Capability | Creating Slideshows | Printing | Luminosity Masking in Photoshop | Photographing Water | File Formats | Ask Me Anything


How I Made It
September 9, 2021 with Larry Petterborg and Nancy Mack   VIDEO  Gold Leaf (PDF)  Action Skater (PDF)
  October 14, 2021 with Kaye Hargis and David Mann   VIDEO

Image Review
  July 22, 2021 with Dennis Fritsche  VIDEO
  August 26, 2021 with Anita Oakley  VIDEO

Lightroom: Camera to Print - Dennis Fritsche
   Part 1A: Basics and Library Module  PDF  VIDEO
   Part 1B: Library Module and Preferences  PDF  VIDEO
   Part 1C: Library Module - Import, Rename, Split Folder  PDF  VIDEO
   Part 1D: Library Module - Export and Other  PDF  VIDEO
   Part 2A: Develop Module Basics  PDF  VIDEO
   Part 2B: Develop Module - Workflow and Adding Contrast  PDF  VIDEO
   Part 2C: Develop Module - Profiles/Presets, Chromatic Aberrations, Healing Brush, Transform/Straighten, Black and White  VIDEO
   Part 2D: Develop Module - White Balance and HSL  VIDEO
   Part 2E: Develop Module - Demos (black and white, global and local adjustments, toning)  VIDEO
   Part 2F: Develop Module - Demo enhance low contrast image, radial adjustment tool, panoramas  VIDEO
   Part 2G: Develop Module - Merge to HDR, local adjustment tools, demo local adjustment tools  VIDEO
   Part 2H: Develop Module - Tone Curve, example  VIDEO
   Part 3A: Printing - Basics  PDF  VIDEO
   Part 3B: Printing - Basics  PDF  VIDEO

Composition for Still Life - Nancy Mack  
   Part 1: Lay Flat      PDF  VIDEO  (You must be logged in to view the PDF - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE).
   Part 2: Technique  PDF  VIDEO  (You must be logged in to view the PDF - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE).

Fun with Photoshop - Heidi Phillips
  Part 1 and 2:  PDF   Part 1:  VIDEO   Part 2:  VIDEO

Selections in Photoshop - Craig Rowen
  Part 1:  PDF  VIDEO
  Part 2:  PDF  VIDEO

Photojournalism - Larry Petterborg
  Part 1:  PDF  VIDEO
  Part 2:  PDF  VIDEO

What Judges Look For (Suggestions for Better Outcomes in Club Competitions)Larry Petterborg  PDF   VIDEO

Street Photography - Hugh Adams  PDF  VIDEO
  Best Street Photographers of All Time  PDF
  Creative Street Photography  PDF
  The Ultimate Guide to Street Photography  PDF
  Texas Law  PNG
  Vivian Maier  PNG

Expand the Capability of Your Camera - Frank Richards
  Panorama  PDF  VIDEO
  Focus Stacking  PDF  VIDEO

Creating a Photography Slideshow - Dennis Fritsche
  Part 1:  PDF  VIDEO
  Part 2:  PDF  VIDEO

    Gary Kelly's Making a Digital Slideshow Using Proshow Gold  PDF
    Trees        VIDEO
    Trees V2   VIDEO
    The Day the Earth Stood Still by Frank Richards  VIDEO
    Making and Enjoying Video Shared Over Zoom   PDF

Printing - Dennis Fritsche
  Part 1:  PDF  VIDEO
  Part 2:  PDF  VIDEO
  Part 3:  PDF  VIDEO
     Mounting a Print - VIDEO
     Cutting a Mat - VIDEO

Luminosity Panel in Photoshop - Anita Oakley  VIDEO
Addendum: Burning with Luminosity Mask (Revision 2)  VIDEO

Photographing Water - Alan Whiteside  
  Part 1:   PDF  VIDEO
  Part 2:   PDF  VIDEO

File Formats - David Swinney
Part 1:  PDF  VIDEO
  Part 2:  PDF  VIDEO
     DNG Conversion - VIDEO
     XMP File Creation in Lightroom - VIDEO

Ask Me Anything - Dennis Fritsche
  January 19, 2021      VIDEO  Referenced material  PDF
  March 11, 2021        VIDEO   
  July 8, 2021              VIDEO  Lens discussion, signing photographs
  August 12, 2021       VIDEO  Image size and printing, image discussion, f-stop experiment and discussion
  September 23, 2021 VIDEO  Gigapixel AI demo and comments, neutral density filters, texture in photography
  October 28, 2021     VIDEO   PDF Backup strategies and configurations, new masking tools in Lightroom Classic 11

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