2023 Local Club Activities

August 2023

Sunset/Supermoon Photo Shoot in Downtown Dallas

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August has two full moons this year - and both are supermoons! The full Sturgeon Moon reached its peak on Tuesday, August 1, 2023, and we have a full Blue Moon coming on Wednesday, August 30, 2023 - and it will be the closest supermoon of the year!

A supermoon means that the moon appears slightly larger than normal because it’s at or near perigee — meaning it’s at the point in its orbit that it’s closest to Earth. The moon will appear about 14% bigger in size and 30% brighter compared to the moon at apogee (farthest from Earth). On August 30, the moon will be about 222,043 miles from Earth.

There won’t be a closer supermoon until November 2025.

The PPC is hosting a photo shoot to capture the sunset as it shines on the beautiful downtown Dallas skyline as well as the Blue Moon/Supermoon as it rises over the city.



The information below is subject to change; astronomical information is from PhotoPills.

5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Dining LocationMeet for dinner and drinks at Allende Seafood Bar & Grill (3311 Sylvan Avenue) with members of the Dallas Camera Club, East Texas Camera Club, and Heard Nature Photographers.

See the image of the restaurant location at right.

7:00 PM

Parking Location Proceed to the parking area for the Sylvan Avenue Bridge (approximately 1/2 miles from restaurant).

Parking is available in a gravel lot on the right side of Sylvan Avenue near utility lines at the south end of the bridge (see the image at right).

The walking distance from the parking lot to the center of the bridge is approximately 1/2 mile.

The pedestrian walkway on the downtown-facing side of the bridge - which will serve as the primary photo shoot platform - is protected from automobile traffic. You can shoot pictures at any point along the bridge above the Trinity River flood plain.




Floodway Access Ramp Alternatively, you can take the Floodway Access Ramp (see the image at right) off the opposite side of the Sylvan Avenue Bridge down to Trammell Crow Park, where there is a large concrete parking lot.

In that location, you can shoot pictures anywhere that you wish from the flood plain.

Note that the small lake in Trammell Crow Park is currently dry, but the Trinity River is still flowing in its channel.

7:22 PM Golden Hour (Daytime ends)
7:55 PM Dallas Skyline View Sunset (281° WNW) (Civil twilight begins)
8:06 PM PhotoPills ARMoonrise (105° ESE)

From the center of the bridge, the moon will appear to rise approximately between the downtown Dallas skyline and Reunion Tower; see the PhotoPills Augmented Reality screen capture at right.

8:10 PM Blue Hour (Golden hour ends)
8:20 PM Nautical Twilight (Blue hour ends; Civil twilight ends)
8:37 PM Full Moon (99.9%)
8:50 PM Astronomical Twilight (Nautical twilight ends)
9:15 PM Event Concludes


General Information

Planning For A Supermoon Photo Shoot

Photographing a Supermoon

Supermoon Photos

April 2023

3rd Annual Shearing Fest – Alpacas & Artisans

Shearing Fest

The alpacas' coats are coming off!

Come celebrate the fleece harvest with demonstrations, local artisans, live music, food, and fun activities.

Date: Saturday, April 1, 2023
Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM CT
(NOTE: Alpaca shearing takes place from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM CT)

Location: TX-Ture Farm (venue map)
Address: 1833 Dr Sanders Road, Aubrey TX 76227 (map/directions)


On-Site Activities

Alpaca Shearing: 9:00 AM-1:00 PM. Mark Loffhagen returns from New Zealand and will demonstrate the art of shearing.

Fiber Processing: Watch how the fiber is separated and prepared for the mill and then spun into yarn. Fiber artists will be demonstrating needle felting, macramé and more.

Arts/Crafts Vendors and Demonstrations: TX-Ture Farm is proud to have a vendor market of local, handmade arts and crafts.

Alpaca Yoga: Experience yoga as never experienced before! Yoga with alpacas allows you a full hour, true all levels vinyasa class, outdoors with the alpacas. Heather Liner instructor. Bring your mat if you can.

Barnyard Games: Challenge your friends to a game of barnyard Cornhole, Jumbo Jenga, or Jumbo Connect Four.

Festival Food & Beverage: Food trucks and multiple beverage options will be available.


Tickets and Registration

Event Tickets: $10 Adults for 13+, $7 for Kids 3-12, and Infants and toddlers free

You are responsible for obtaining your own tickets: BUY TICKETS 

IMPORTANT: Those planning to attend will need to register with the PPC (click the button below) to receive all club communications related to this event.



Group Lunch

After the alpaca shearing is complete (at approximately 1:00-1:30 PM CT), plan to join other PPC members for lunch at the Prairie House Restaurant at 10001 US Highway 380 (E. University Drive), Cross Roads, TX 76227 (menu/directions).

If you have questions, please contact Club Activities Chair Cliff McKenzie via email.

March 2023

Dallas Arboretum Morning Photo Shoot

Dallas Arboretum

Club member Irwin Lightstone (who is also a member of the Dallas Arboretum) has worked with his Arboretum contact(s) to arrange an amazing opportunity for Plano Photography Club members.

Location: Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden (8525 Garland Road, Dallas, TX 75218)
Date: Tuesday, March 14, 2023
Time: 7 AM - 9 AM CT
Admission Cost: FREE
Parking Cost: FREE

During this time window, which is normally open only to Arboretum members, any member of the Plano Photography Club (attending with our group) may walk and photograph the grounds of the Arboretum. Tripods will be allowed.


  1. Registration is required for this event (click the button below)
  2. There is no limit on the number of PPC members who can attend this event
  3. Attendees must park in the lot accessible at the Gate 1 entrance (located at the intersection of Garland Road and Whittier
  4. Attendees must be physically present at the Main Entrance of the Arboretum by 7:00 AM
  5. Attendees will be admitted onto the grounds as a group; any individual who arrives at the Main Entrance after the group enters the Arboretum may be denied admission
  6. Attendees will be allowed to use their tripods until 9 AM (when the Arboretum opens to the public); no tripods may be used after that time
  7. Attendees may remain at the Arboretum after 9 AM and continue taking photographs for as long as they wish, subject to item (6) above

As a condition of providing access under these terms to the Plano Photography Club, the Dallas Arboretum is requesting copies of five (5) photographs captured by each attendee


Registration closes on Monday, March 13, 2023, at 6 PM. 

If you have questions before the event or when you arrive onsite at the Arboretum, contact Alan Daniel (email/214-676-6469).


Here's How You Can Get A Free Photographer Badge To The North Texas Irish Festival

North Texas Irish Festival

The North Texas Irish Festival (NTIF) returns to Fair Park in Dallas from March 3-5 2023, bringing with it all the music, dance, culture, and excitement that this well-loved event creates to celebrate the rich tradition of Irish and Celtic culture.

The Plano Photography Club has obtained sixteen (16) free photographer badges which are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note the following requirements for use of the badges:

  1. They are only available to Plano Photography Club members
  2. Only those members who plan to take photographs at the event may request a badge
  3. As a condition of providing the badges to the PPC, the NTIF is requesting copies of up to 5 photographs taken by each recipient at the event
  4. The list of badge registrants will be made available to the NTIF and the badges may be picked up at the NTIF will-call gate

Registration closes on Thursday, February 23, 2023, at 9 PM.

NOTE: All available photographer passes have been claimed. We invite you to register anyway to put your name on a waitlist in the event of any cancellations.


If you have questions, please contact Club Activities Chair Cliff McKenzie via email.

February 2023

Tabletop Workshop Coming February 25

The club is excited to announce our 2023 Tabletop Workshop, which will take place on Saturday, February 25, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM at the West Plano Presbyterian Church (our home base).

This indoor educational photo opportunity is in the format of a "hands-on" cafeteria-style photography workshop that encourages learning through participation. We ask that you please be considerate and share time at the various tabletop set-ups and digital stations.

NOTE: The images on the right were captured at last year's Tabletop Workshop.

Here is a list of the currently scheduled activities and stations (subject to change and additions):

Presenter Topic Type
Dennis Fritsche Oil and Water Hands-On
Brian Clark Backlit Botanicals Hands-On
Greg Rains Water Droplets Hands-On
Jason Ware Dry Mounting Prints Demonstration
John Lehman Smoke/Using Incense Hands-On
Lois Lehman Paint with Light Hands-On
Nancy Mack Goldleaf Demonstration
Terree Stone Frozen Flowers Hands-On
  1. Hands-On: Can take photos
  2. Demonstration: Show and Tell
  3. Items to bring: Camera, lenses (including a macro if you have one), tripod
  4. Props will be provided
  5. For the Paint with Light and Smoke stations, if you would like to bring something special from home (e.g., vase, bottle, mask, etc.), please keep it under ten (10) inches in height


Examples of Smoke/Incense and Painting with Light (photos courtesy of John and Lois Lehman)

January 2023

Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge Photo Shoot


Saturday, January 14, 2023

Location: Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge

Meeting Place: Visitor Center, 6465 Refuge Road, Sherman, Texas 75092 (map/directions)

Arrival Time: 6:45 AM CST

Sunrise: 7:31 AM CST

Weather Forecast: The morning should be clear, but chilly with a low around 35 degrees, and light wind. Please dress appropriately. The day is projected to warm to 65 degrees.

Sample Images: Flickr/Google

After the shoot (approximately 10:30 AM CST), you are invited to join your fellow photographers for breakfast/lunch at Mom's Cafe, 317 W FM 120, Pottsboro, TX 75076 (map).

Travel Caution (courtesy of club member Sam Lucas): Be sure to slow down when crossing the railroad tracks (in either direction) on Refuge Road just east of the park entrance; there is a major dip in the road at that location.

If you have questions about this event, please contact Activities Chair Cliff McKenzie.

How To Submit Images From Activities

We would love to include your best images from activities in a presentation at a future monthly club meeting.

Images can be submitted for this purpose by following these guidelines:

  • Email 5-7 images from a given club activity to clubphotos@planophotographyclub.com .
  • Include your name and the name of the event in your image file names (e.g., john_smith_PhotoLocation_1.jpg).
  • Image dimensions are the same as for Topic of the Week images (i.e., maximum of 4096 pixels on the long edge).
  • Individual images must be less than 10MB in size; these files will be projected, so the resolution does not matter.
  • You may need to divide your images and send them in multiple emails, as they may exceed the maximum size of an email message.

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